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Record your activities

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Attivo tracks all aspects of your cycles, runs or walks. From elapsed time to elevation gained, everything is tracked and recorded for you to analyse after your activity.
Attivo's beautiful tracking screen displays your current location, tracked route, elapsed time, distance, pace and more so you will always see the big picture.

Personal Profiles

Each Attivo user has there very own gorgeous profile.
Each profile is customisable with a unique cover pic for showing off your greatest athletic moments or most beautiful locations.

View your friends profiles, follow them and keep up to the minute with every activity they record on Attivo.

Activity Overview

The activity overview gives you detailed information about a specific activity, See how much XP was gained, how many calories were burned, distance traveled, top speed, elevation gained, peak heart rate and more.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is the main hub for keeping up to date with the world of Attivo, your activities and the activities of the people you follow will be shown here.

Take a look at a friends activity, show the love with a like, or start a conversation with a comment.


Sectors are a great way to compare yourself with friends and other members of Attivo.

Sectors are small time trials scattered throughout the world, from a simple 100m sprint to a gruelling 50km climb. Simply run or cycle along a sector and your time will be automatically logged and added to the leaderboard.

See how other people stack up against your time and try to be the best.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch app allows you to start, stop and save activities right on your wrist. Get detailed stats about your current activity such as elapsed time, distance, pace, heart rate and calories.

Save an activity without having to take your phone out of your pocket, simply finish the activity and your phone will automatically start uploading the activity.

New with WatchOS 2 is a feature we call "Flick to change". Taking both hands of the bars to change page on your watch while cycling can be a difficult not to mention dangerous, Well with flick to change it just go a whole lot easier, simply flick your Apple Watch away or towards you and the page will change.

Quick Start

If you are using iOS 8 or above you can benefit from the Quick Start Widget.

Simply slide the notification center down from the top of the screen and tap on the type of activity you wish to start. The App will open and instantly start recording your activity.